Our Mission

We serve and work towards the betterment of the society

Empower volunteers to serve
their community


Humanitarian Needs


Develop Leadership Qualities
Build Better Futures


Our every effort is dedicated towards upliftment of the society. Your help will bring a change in someone’s life.

Water conservation

Water Conservation

Building 25 Checkdams to ensure availability of water. Right to water is a basic Human right! But for many tribal villagers in India it is a distant dream. The vicious cycle of poor crops, debt suicides, no employment, poor sanitation…


Infrastructure For Education

Lack of proper infrastructure is a prime cause for students dropping out of schools at primary level. Construct a Primary School at Chinchle Village, Palghar. It will help 650 underprivileged students to get basic education.

Improved Sanitation

Improved Sanitation

A Toilet in each home- Building 200 Toilet Blocks in village Jamshed, taluka Dahanu. It robs the women and girls of this basic human dignity and posing a grave health, hygiene and environmental issues.



Projects initiated and executed.
( 2012-2017 )

  • Education ( Infrastructure)
  • Sanitation (Construction Of Toilet Blocks)
  • Healthcare ( Centres in Rural Maharashtra)
  • Blood & Eye Camps (Check ups, Surgeries)
  • Anajdaan ( Distribution of Food Grains & Free Meals)
Education (₹ 75 Million)
Sanitation (₹ 11.5 Million)
Healthcare (₹ 21 Million)
Blood & Eye (₹ 32 Million)
Anajdaan (₹ 9.4 Million)


We are relentlessly working since 6 decades for the upliftment of the society.

Arts & Commerce college -Pawana

Arts & Commerce College – Village Pawana

Lions Juhu Madhukanta C.Shah Sr. College (2014-15)

A college to prevent drop outs due to distance and to ensure higher education for adivasi girls within their reach was built at Pawna, Mahrashtra. The 16000 sq.ft of construction includes 13 classrooms, sanitation facilities, a vocational training centre, an auditorium provides education to over 1200 children every year.

Project cost

₹ 22.5 M
Healthcare Center - Ambiste, Palghar

Healthcare Centre – Village Ambiste, Palghar

Lions Juhu Nirmala Om Agarwal Health Care Centre (2012-13)

A 4,000 sq.ft. health care centre equipped with all modern medical facilities, including a dental machine and a small operation theatre. This will not only ensure convinience to the villagers, but also timely relief to those in need of urgent medical supervision. This health care centre will be operated by Bhakti Vedanta Hospital.

Project cost

₹ 6.0 M
Building Toilet Blocks - Jamshet, Dahanu

Toilet Blocks – Village Jamshet, Dahanu

Lions Juhu 347 Toilet Blocks, Village Jamshet (2015-16)

More than half of the rural population (52.1%) of the country still defecates in open. It is a major public health and sanitation problem India is facing the sanitation crisis- an urgent need to provide toilet blocks can’t be ignored. Join our quest to provide toilet blocks and make the village open defecation free.

Project cost

₹ 8.0 M


Indians do not have access to adequate clean water


Indians Do Not Have Access To
Adequate Clean Water
In rural India do not have access to proper sanitation


Indians In Rural India Do Not Have
Access To Proper Sanitation
Children in rural India do not have access to education


Children In Rural India. Drop out
After Primary Education


Every help begins a change, brings relief, opens doors of opportunities and ushers in a better and brighter future!

  • Support 10 Cataract Surgeries

    Support 10 Cataract Surgeries

    Support us in our campaign to eradicate the avoidable blindness and loss of vision of the underprivileged in tribal areas. The majority of patients in rural and tribal areas are senior citizens, who suffer from lack of awareness and access to even the most basic healthcare facilities. Your support will be the ray of light for them.
     10,000.00 Donate
  • Sponsor a Meal for 400 Cancer Patients

    Sponsor a Meal for 400 Cancer Patients

    7000 Indians die of hunger everyday. Provide hot and nutritious meal to over 400 Cancer Patients and their families who come from all over India for Cancer treatment in Mumbai and are forced to stay for long duration of time, putting them to great financial hardships. Sposoring a meal ensures that no one sleeps hungry.
     15,000.00 Donate
  • Sponsor a Child’s Education for one Year

    Sponsor a Child’s Education for one Year

    Our initiative not only includes education fees but also everyday healthy meals, safe housing and study environment, medical help, uniforms, books and school supplies. Sponsoring a child’s education has multi fold benefits. It gives the child the best chance to break the cycle of poverty, empowers a family to have stable economic foundation and build better community.
     10,000.00 Donate
  • Provide 1 month medicine to a patient

    Provide 1 month’s medicine to a patient

    Illness for the Underprivileged section of our society becomes a nightmare. They have to depend on mercy of government aids which are often insufficient. The cost of medical assistance, medicines and tests are monstrous. Large part of our services includes Providing medical and finacial support to the needy. Provide monthly medicines to the needy and relieve their pain.
     10,000.00 Donate
  • Give food grains to10 families for 1 month

    Give food grains to10 families for 1 month

    You can’t build a peaceful world on an empty stomach. Almost 200 million people go hungry everyday in our country. Anajdaan ( food grains distribution) is an initiative to address the problem in our small way. Give a month of food grains (rice, wheat, pulses, sugar, and oil) to 10 needy families to ensure that no one sleeps hungry.
     10,000.00 Donate
  • Support our Causes (21 foundations)

    General Donations (21 foundations)

    Six decades of steadfast services in areas of Community welfare, health care, Education, Rural development to name a few. Our mission to serve carries a promise of a brighter tomorrow for the needy and underprivileged members of the society. We appeal to like minded Donors to join us and support our various causes.
     10,000.00 Donate
  • Build a Toilet block in Rural Maharashtra

    Build a Toilet block in Rural Maharashtra

    Sanitation is more important than freedom. Poor sanitation facility robs the women and girls of this basic human dignity and posing a grave health, safety and hygenie issue. We are building 350 toilet blocks in Dahanu to make the villages open defacation free. Donate a toilet block to ensure dignity, health and hygeine to one family.
     25,000.00 Donate
  • Battling Thalassemia ( 200 check-ups)

    Battling Thalassemia ( 200 check-ups)

    Thalassamia is an inherited disorder which leads to decreased production and increased destruction of blood cells. A check up camp can help detect the patients with this disorder. The impact can range from mild to severe and life -threatening. Timely diagnosis can help dertermine the treatment needed for the Patients.
     10,000.00 Donate
  • Adopt an Anganwadi (courtyard shelter)

    Adopt an Anganwadi (courtyard shelter)

    An anganwadi is a type of rural mother and child care centre in a village. It is a vital support system which provides nurturing environment for children ( 3-6 years), runs pre-school activities, improves the nutrition and health status of children and councels mothers on healthy living. Refurbish an anganwadi to prevent drop-outs.
     150,000.00 Donate