Our Mission

We serve and work towards the betterment of the society

Empower volunteers to serve
their community


Humanitarian Needs


Develop Leadership Qualities
Build Better Futures


These dedicated people make it all possible

Lion Raj Wankawalla

Lion Raj Wankawalla


Lion Pritish Desai

Lion Pritish Desai


Lion Pareysh Nanavati

Lion Preyash Nanavati



It all began over half a century ago with a belief that what really matters is not what we got but what we shared, not our
success but our usefulness. Six decades of steadfast services in the areas of Education, Rural Development, Health Care
and Community Welfare.
21 Foundations, each with a focus on a distinct area of service.
We don’t simply provide food, shelter, Medicines or address the immediate need. We provide HOPE and a promise of a BRIGHTER
TOMORROW with the ultimate goal of leading a life of dignity for each member of the society.
The undonditional support of our donors and philanthrophists in various initiatives are the Heart and Soul of the Lions Club of Juhu.
Over the years, this has only ignited a greater passion to meet the Humanitarian needs and live by our motto “WE SERVE”.

Established in the year 1959 at Juhu – Vile Parle, Mumbai
Recognized as a premier club of District 323 A3
Membership Strength: 185 Lions and Lion Ladies with a passion to serve
Uninterrupted track record of 59 years in the field of service and Lionistic activities
Impeccable and Transparent Administrative and Financial accounting
21 Service foundations with a corpus of over Rs. 35 Million.
160 Monumental Projects worth over Rs. 280 Million executed till date.
Enjoying 80 G Income Tax Exemption and also registered under FCRA.


We are relentlessly working since 6 decades for the upliftment of the society.

Arts & Commerce college -Pawana

Arts & Commerce College- Village Pawana

Lions Juhu Madhukanta C.Shah Sr. College (2014-15)

A college to prevent drop outs due to distance and to ensure higher education for adivasi girls within their reach was built at Pawna, Mahrashtra. The 16000 sq.ft of construction includes 13 classrooms, sanitation facilities, a vocational training centre, an auditorium provides education to over 1200 children every year.

Project cost

₹ 22.5 M
Healthcare Center - Ambiste, Palghar

Healthcare Center – Village Ambiste, Palghar

Lions Juhu Nirmala Om Agarwal Health Care Centre (2012-13)

A 4,000 sq.ft. health care centre equipped with all modern medical facilities, including a dental machine and a small operation theatre. This will not only ensure convinience to the villagers, but also timely relief to those in need of urgent medical supervision. This health care centre will be operated by Bhakti Vedanta Hospital.

Project cost

₹ 6.0 M
Building Toilet Blocks - Jamshet, Dahanu

Building Toilet Blocks – Jamshet, Dahanu

Lions Juhu Toilet Blocks 347 Jamshet (2015-16)

More than half of the rural population (52.1%) of the country still defecates in open. It is a major public health and sanitation problem India is facing the sanitation crisis- an urgent need to provide toilet blocks can’t be ignored.Join our quest to provide toilet blocks.

Project cost

₹ 8.0 M
Girls Hostel -Chapaldhara, Gujrat

Girls Hostel -Chapaldhara, Gujrat

Lions Juhu Taramati Gunvantrai Parekh Girls Hostel (2015-16)

The girl students had been struggling for long even with basic accomodation and were deprived of sanitation facilities in their schol. We built a 6250 sq.ft. hostel for 120 girls with 8 rooms, 6 bathrooms and 5 toilet to ensure basic necessities are provided for them to not drop out of school and study for a brighter tomorrow.

Project cost

₹ 4.3 M
Adopting Anganwadis - Vrajreshwari

Adopting Anganwadis – Vrajreshwari

Lions Juhu& Samsara Group initiative ( 2015-16)

Anganwadi is a vital support system for children (3 to 6 yrs.) and their families. With the help of Samsara group, we adopted 56 anganwadis, renovating the deteriorated infrastructure, providing educational equipments and refurbishing the structure, there by touching the lives of 10000 adivasis across the region.

Project cost

₹ 9.52 M
Self-sustainable Initiative -Shirole

Self-sustainable Initiative -Shirole

Swadhaar , Lions club of Juhu (2014-15)

One of our most unique projects has been with the Dr. B.R.Ambedkar school. With support of Sangeeta Jindal (JSW Foundation), we renovated the school premise, enabled plantation of vegetables, installed a bio-gas plant to generate electricity, built a cowshed, built 12 toilets, 6 bathrooms which impacted lives of 418 children.

Project cost

₹ 8.0 M
New School Building - Aine, Dahanu

New School Building – Village Aine, Dahanu

Lions Juhu Grammangal Muktashala (2016-17)

Construction of new school building at Grammangal Muktashala, village Aine, Taluka Dahanu would provide educational infrastructure to 300 tribal children with 9 spacious classrooms, 3 science laboratories, staff room and proper sanitation facilities. Total area constructed for the school is 7,200 sq.ft

Project cost

₹ 6.5 M
Bhakti Vedanta Eyecare Centre - Mumbai

Bhakti Vedanta Eyecare Centre – Mumbai

Bhakti Vedanta Eyecare Centre – Mumbai

We built a super speciality eye care centre at Bhakti Vedanta Hospital. The centre supports the needy section of the society with quality eye care. Over 40,000 patients are treated till date and more than 10,000 catarct operations are carried out.

Project cost

₹ 7.0 M
Girls Hostel -Vandervela, Dist. Navsari

Girls Hostel – Village Vandervela, Dist. Navsari

Lions Juhu Shree Amardeep Ashramshala Girls Hostel (2016-17)

Hostel facility for 80 tribal girls at Shree Amardeep Ashramshala. Six rooms are constructed along with sanitation block to ensure basic necessities are provided to the girls who stay and study at the school. Our goal is to encourage the girls to study and make sure the girls don’t drop out of school by providing good infrastructure.

Project cost

₹ 4.0 M
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